And spring will come

Well I am still waiting for spring to come, needless to say that it takes a bit longer to come in this Island...but I will not give up the meantime I keep crocheting my own garden...

Turquoise crocheted lariat

Lilac crocheted lariat


  1. Hi Alejandra, love your jewelry, in particular the turquoise coloured lariat! Beautiful work. Tried picking up crochet when pg with son #2 and really enjoyed it but got pain in shouler from bad posture I guess. I really needed proper lessons to go any further! Again love your stuff! Fiona

  2. oohhh my God Fiona...I know what you mean..even tho I love crocheting ..pain in my shoulder is my Karma!!!but I guess my love for crocheting can overcome anything at this point!!Thank you for your lovely comments



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