And spring will come

Well I am still waiting for spring to come, needless to say that it takes a bit longer to come in this Island...but I will not give up the meantime I keep crocheting my own garden...

Turquoise crocheted lariat

Lilac crocheted lariat

Love is in the air....

Hand made crocheted hoops knitted with a very light thread.

Aplique of hanging glass beads to give it a bohemian look.

They are very feminine and unique. If you want to make a strong statement you have to get them:-)

circle is approx. 4cm in diameter.
earring is approx. 8.5cm from top of earhook to bottom of the hanging beads

Very light to wear.

Red crocheted

Romantic pink crocheted hoops

Red crocheted bohemian hoops

Grey crocheted bohemian hoops

Purple Crocheted hoops

Gold Crocheted hoops

Green crocheted hoops

Spring is coming....

A touch of spring in your outfit to brighten these days... Are these lovely crocheted flowers earrings.
Very soft and feminine yet will make a strong statement as a unique piece!!! only one of a kind!!

The flowers are knitted with acrylic thread and embellished with glass beads.

Flowers are approx. 2cm diameter
Earring is approx. 10cm from top of ear hook to bottom of the flower.

Very light to wear and totally handmade.
check my Etsy shop for more details:-))

Crocheted flowers purple

Crocheted flowers chocolate

Crocheted flowers turquoise

New Hoops :-)

Brown and turquoise crocheted hoops

Purple crocheted hoops

Crocheted hoops

Crocheted green hoops

Crocheted blue hoops

And more Rings...

These unique rose buds are made from acrylic thread and embellished with glass beads.

The ring is adjustable and as the flower has been sewn to the ring can be hand washed with warm soapy water.

Totally handmade and unique.

Green crocheted ring

Sea Blue crocheted ring

Mint crocheted ring

Ice cream crocheted ring

Light green crocheted ring

Strawberry crocheted ring

Grey ice crocheted ring

Mocca crocheted ring

Strawberries and cream crocheted ring

Purple crocheted ring


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